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A note to myself:

And you would accept the seasons of your heart

just as you always accepted the seasons pass over your fields

and you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief.

-Kahil Gibran.


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Värikollaasi #194




Posliinikaapilla ~ Lautanen, mikä kuvaa Anne Hathawayn Cottagea, kotitaloa. Hän oli William Shakespearin vaimo. Äitini maalaama puistonäkymä. Arabian kahvikuppi. Itävaltalainen kuppi, jonka tarkoitusta en tiedä, siinä ei ole korvaa. Se on vanhin kuppikokoelmani astia. P.S. Nyt muistin jälkikäteen, että sammaleenvihreän lauatasliinan päällä olisin voinut kuvata. Vaikea väri meikäläiselle.

Muiden kollaasit ovat täällä taas.

Onko joku näistä lempivärisi? Are any of these your favorite colors?

1. Mahogany/ fig : Conservative and quick-witted you are a reliable friend. A natural leader, you’re a creative problem solver and love to rally a gang behind your good ideas. Don’t forget, the insights of others could keep you from stepping in deep puddles.

2. Olive tone/ moss : You are so good at making decisions. You have great strength and conviction in your beliefs. People have a hard time figuring you out, but can always count on you for a crazy adventure.

3. Sinbad/ bluebell  : You have a classic style, are a romantic, easy to love, and people find you appealing. Some may think of you as quiet, but you are really thinking deeply about what is going on around you, and then coming up with the perfect solution.

4. Gallery/ eco white : You are an optimist and a problem solver. Since you tend to keep from getting to close to people, your friends may incorrectly consider you aloof. You have a natural curiosity and are always coming up with great new ideas.

paper*source colorscope.



What I love love love in Santa Fe

Lets call this part 20, and the last one. I have to round-up my travel story from the Four Corners, new stories are in making!

Before Santa Fe we made a quick stop yet to another ruin, Pecos, N.M. The name reminded me of an old cartoon named Pecos Bill. I asked if this is were he came from. Maybe. The cathedral ruins were looked fast on the circle path around it. The museum was nice and compact, the officials very friendly. The funds to preserve the site came from movie star Greer Carson, who had a ranch in Pecos.

1. The Atmosphere.    2. The History.    3. The Pottery.

1. I love the culture of the town, the  galleries, the art. The museums of photography, the modern art, Georgia O’Keeffe. I love the silver and turquoise! I love the dry sunny weather and no humidity. And I love to walk around and look and feel all that. I love my hotel. Hacienda and Spa. Yes mine! We have now been there two times, met lovely people at breakfast table and cocktail hour for interesting conversations.

2014 06 11_0793 blog

2014 06 11_0792 blog

2014 06 11_0803 blog

2014 06 11_0797 blog


2. I love the history of the town, it’s the oldest capital of United States. The lovely Chapel of Loretto, “Needing a way to get up to the choir loft the nuns prayed for St. Joseph‘s intercession for nine straight days. On the day after their novena ended a shabby-looking stranger appeared at their door. He told the nuns he would build them a staircase but that he needed total privacy and locked himself in the chapel for three months. He used a small number of primitive tools including a square, a saw and some warm water and constructed a spiral staircase entirely of non-native wood. The identity of the carpenter is not known for as soon as the staircase was finally finished he was gone. Many witnesses, upon seeing the staircase, feel it was constructed by St. Joseph himself, as a miraculous occurrence.” (Wikipedia.) The Indian vendors on the walkway at the Governors House with guaranteed spots for the tribes for over hundred years, the sidewalk fills out of many of tribes with their wares. The old adobe buildings. The colors in town! Lovely.

2014 06 11_0787 blog santa fe2014 06 11_0817 blog

3. Love, love, love the pottery! And was unable again to pass the chance to own one. We have visited the shop before and gotten great friendly service by Alain, who hails from Southern France actually. No pressure, he is willing to move pottery from shelves and compare the work and tell us about the artists. There is a quint restaurant in the courtyard, worth visiting. He would have liked to invite us for dinner next night, but we were leaving. I must have paid too much for my new purchase, lol.

I don’t believe this was the last time we visited Santa Fe, there is so much to do and see. To feel Southwestern for a week!


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