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Mirror Lake


On the way to Canada we stopped for an overnight in Lake Placid,

a beautiful August day, a beautiful mountain town. The hotel sat

in the sun, right on the lake.

My daughter and I, we can never stay away from the water:

if it’s there, it is meant for us to swim in it. Year before, in the Rockies,

we could have dived into every lake and every stream,

the turquoise waters calling us. My husband not so keen to stop,

when there were hours to drive. Plus those waters were glacier

cold. Knee high was high enough.

Mirror Lake was warm instead. They said seventy, but maybe a little

cooler. There were only kids in the water!  Once totally immersed in

the lake, it felt heavenly. Refreshing, light, totally ours. I swam in

the roped area around and around. I let the wave ripple right below my eyes.

I did not want to leave the deep teal blue lake, it reminded me of home:

cold waters of Lake Saimaa,  summer house, family.

Sun was setting, we had to get out.

We fed the ducklings on our terrace.

I never knew then, how important that Mirror Lake would be for me

a month later.


Taupe Rainbow


I did one of those Web Quizzes: What color is you inner personality. I came out as taupe.

Beige? Beige! How colorless is that!

I see ivory. I see cream. Off white. I see cafe-au-lait! Linen. Milk chocolate, I see almond. Clay and sand.

I took a picture of my clothes on the ironing board:

Don’t you see all the colors of mine? Do you see the pinks and the turquoises? The lavenders?

Come closer,  see the whole rainbow!

P.S I will not touch the Quiz called: What is your real age? and How crazy are you!


My Sister

Edith Södergran:

I believe in my sister
I believe no one in the world but my sister
What she says is true
Even if the world were to fall apart
My sister would never tell a lie……

Nineteen ninety-nine, my sister died.
My youngest, she was only forty-five.

Lord, I could not believe you took her away from us.
I cried.
But I did not ask why.

Her and my aunt’s lives were so interwined: My sister was born on her name’s day, on her birthday she died. Blue eyes and laughing mouth: they were the prettiest of siblings. They were both everyones favourite aunts. Trips to the zoo, shopping, teatimes, fashion, little trip to the country. Kids grew up to love them both. Children? No, just the nieces and nephews!

We shared everything growing up: hand-me-down sweaters, skis, skates, half an apple, packing up for my wedding. When she was seventeen she actually traveled to Germany to help me pack. She spoke then nothing else but Finnish, and made that trip alone. She danced at my wedding; she never had one of her own. Boyfriends? Yes, mysterious and strange!

We shared stories. She helped me with children, when they were young. Just a phone call and she was over. We shared a bottle of wine: Rio ja Tinto? Rioja Tinto, of course. She traveled, France, Italy. New York.

Lord, I pray,
When my time comes, please take me like you took her.
In the festive mood, in the Sunday clothes. Suddenly.

Nineteen ninety-nine,
I wept.


What secrets she kept!


Dear Lord

Nineteen ninety-nine

My sister died.

I did not ask you:


You took my Father.

My aunt, my uncle.

My God Mothers.

You took Tom and Michael,

Is there any end to this cycle?

You took my Father-in-law,

You took my aunt.

Lord, you took my MOTHER!

For ten years, Lord,

you know I cried!

Then I was on line,

a decison was made:

I was saved!

I’ll ask you now:


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Jacob’s Coat

The door to the house was ajar. I saw a couple entering the walkway. I did not rush to close the door. They have been here before.

“How have you been? Your garden looks beautiful!”

We talked about the rose by the steps: Jacob’s coat, orange with yellow streaks, in full bloom, ever changing multicolor glow.

Previously we have spoken about life and religion.

I grew up Evangelical Lutheran, in Europe, married a Jewish man from New York, (which could be a continent by itself!) Our son found his wife from South America, a Catholic girl. Our daughter, also brought up Lutheran, is living together with her boyfriend, an American Episcopalian. We have world peace single handedly taken care of.

I accepted their pamphlet: “Watch Tower”. I’ll read it later. The Jehovah’s Witnesses, with a glow of peace on their faces, continue down the street.
They’ll be back maybe next summer again.

That rose gets everyone’s attention!
It is beautiful!



Taivas on ikuinen.
Taivaan värit ovat sieluni värit.

Helmenharmaa, roosalla sävytetty,
talviaamun sarastus.

Lemmikin sininen,
kevätpäivan lupaus.

Järven sini kesäpäivän taivaalla,
pilvien purjehdus.
Oranssin puna iltaruskossa.
Nuoruuden hehkua!

myrskyn odotus.
Kuulas syystaivas.

Sametin musta, timantti tähdet,
talvinen yö.
Levon hetki.

Taivaan värit ovat sieluni värit.
Sielu on ikuinen.

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“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” -John Muir

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