Short Stories. Photos and pictures. Poems even.

First Class



We were sitting side by side,
Nicolas and I,

In the sky.

Bonsoir. Introduction. He is young,
relaxed with great smile. Oh me, I’m
a travel agent. Yes, I do go places.
How about you? Coming from Atlanta.
A racecar driver, fourth place. Were
you pleased with that? How exciting!

                    There is passion in his eye
He is twenty five.

Food arrives. We compare the orders.
Everything looks delicious, smells good.
Wine talk. We are on the way to Valais.
What is best choice there? Absolutely
“Arvine”. My father’s name was Arvi.
How appropriate, he was a motor cross
driver. Did well, I have his Silver cups
on my shelf. How exciting!

There was passion in his eye.
He was thirty five.

Follow me on the web, he said.
nicolaslapierre.com. You bet!
A smile.
Bonne nuit.

How funny how we three
just happened to meet ,
on that Swiss Air first class seat.

In the sky.

15 thoughts on “First Class

  1. I like your poem!

  2. Milita: Thank you very much for my very first comment! I plan to add once a week stories, poems and eventually pictures about experiences, people and life around me. Follow me and share them with me! Your comments are always welcome!

  3. Thank you, Irma, for publishing your own blog. I will read your words with loving thoughts.

  4. Runosi on elämän myönteinen ja samalla surullisen haikea.

  5. Love it all and it’s about time…

  6. Dear Irma,
    with tears in my eyes,feeling your sadness in my heart, i read your poems and life stories..losing so many people you loved!
    They always say that God does not give you more than you can carry. I honestly wonder if that is true?
    What happens when you can no longer take it?
    Then God picks you up and carries you in his arms until you can walk your own path again.
    He creates a beautiful rose to lift your sorrow. He gives you a wonderful family to support you and many good friends to listen and guide you. He makes the whole world yours.
    Your friend, Raija

  7. Olen sinusta ylpea,etta olet siskoni. Kauniitaa runoja, tosin en ihan kaikkea saa irti, mutta suurimman osan ymmarran.

  8. Very nice Irma, you are talented.

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