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Taupe Rainbow



I did one of those Web Quizzes: What color is you inner personality. I came out as taupe.

Beige? Beige! How colorless is that!

I see ivory. I see cream. Off white. I see cafe-au-lait! Linen. Milk chocolate, I see almond. Clay and sand.

I took a picture of my clothes on the ironing board:

Don’t you see all the colors of mine? Do you see the pinks and the turquoises? The lavenders?

Come closer,  see the whole rainbow!

P.S I will not touch the Quiz called: What is your real age? and How crazy are you!

6 thoughts on “Taupe Rainbow

  1. I see you all beautiful colors dressep up in your words. Life is mixing up colors, making funny sentences and sad thoughts.

  2. I love the colors of your rainbow may they keep shinning bright. I love you!

  3. LOL, tää oli hauska. ;D Mun pitää mennä etsiin toi testi.

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