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Mirror Lake



On the way to Canada we stopped for an overnight in Lake Placid,

a beautiful August day, a beautiful mountain town. The hotel sat

in the sun, right on the lake.

My daughter and I, we can never stay away from the water:

if it’s there, it is meant for us to swim in it. Year before, in the Rockies,

we could have dived into every lake and every stream,

the turquoise waters calling us. My husband not so keen to stop,

when there were hours to drive. Plus those waters were glacier

cold. Knee high was high enough.

Mirror Lake was warm instead. They said seventy, but maybe a little

cooler. There were only kids in the water!  Once totally immersed in

the lake, it felt heavenly. Refreshing, light, totally ours. I swam in

the roped area around and around. I let the wave ripple right below my eyes.

I did not want to leave the deep teal blue lake, it reminded me of home:

cold waters of Lake Saimaa,  summer house, family.

Sun was setting, we had to get out.

We fed the ducklings on our terrace.

I never knew then, how important that Mirror Lake would be for me

a month later.

2 thoughts on “Mirror Lake

  1. Lovely story about how wonderful surrounding water is. And you left the end of he story open so, it keeps me looking forward it.

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