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They stood in front of me, the Doctor and his intern. She wore a crisp white coat, classic Mediterranean features, her hair in a chignon.

He wore an Aura.

He mesmerized me.

Once in while in life you meet a person who makes you stop and take the second look. There is something that separates them from the crowd. This man was one of them. There was a light around him, an aura, pure and white. It radiated sincerity. It came through as a light of honesty and healing. A light of a good man. I knew I would be taken care of.

He amazed me.

Hundreds of patients must have past his operating room. Some he might remember, some not. Hundreds of lives saved and hundreds of people able to go on with their lives. Yet he made me feel like I was his only patient, that my well being was his only concern. Later he even made sure I followed up with the appointment with the next doctor. Such dedication is hard to come by.

A year and a half later I was driving into his office to make arrangement to have a minor operation. I was wondering if he even would remember me.

He did.

I will think of him often with great appreciation and love.

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