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I See You


After the operation I was in the recovery room for hours, maybe days.

I never really asked. In the darkness, wrapped around with machines,

unaware of the hospital rush.

The thoughts on hold like my life.

Afterwards I remembered the occasional feeling of pure light seeping

through the eye lids and the warmth of somebody in the room.

It could be imagination, but it felt good.

I came and sat by you. I liked looking at you, while you were sleeping.

Who could understand my mood and melancholy better than someone

who walked in the woods that smelled of pine trees and cranberries

and rain?

An Angel.


9 thoughts on “I See You

  1. Is this a trip down the memory lane or did this happen recently? I see this was posted September 2,2010….4days ago.
    This shows such remarkable skill to use words and form feelings in the reader’s imagination.
    Thank you.

  2. This is like a dream, but happily not a nightmare. This seems to be floating image to me. But still, it´s so much true.

    • Railaterttu, Definitely not a nightmare! The nurse was Norwegian, and I felt such a close relatiosnhip with her due to the Scandinavian connection. Anri actually asked if Annelie was my spirit guide. We spoke about the fact that f.ex can an Indian/Chinese/etc person understand the Scandinavian melancholy. You HAVE to know the woods! I SO appreciate your comments<3

  3. I don´t now remember have I told you this: during my stay at the Californian family they asked what do I miss the most about Finland. Can you imagine that I said: the woods! The silence after this answer was unbearable…

  4. Woods and lakes are the source of strengh to us! So don’t forget to hug the trees whenever you can. And dip yourself in a cool Finnish lake or pond ( well..only in the summer time..unless you are avantouimari…).
    When things get tough or painful I have trained myself to escape to one particular memory. Always the same memory..so it becomes a habit..a door to escape. I am in the cool water of Nurmijärvi up to my neck. I have behind me a sauna which is warming and almost ready to go in. I can smell the smoke from sauna..better than any perfume, if I may say so. In front of me, quite near, I see a couple of huge Canadian geese, swimming closed to me..hoping to get some ranskanleipä..I am floating and looking first my toes and then dipping my head so deep that I can only see the sky. I love it! I love the water! My husband says I should have been born a duck! Hihiii…
    I can go to THIS MEMORY anywhere. I don’t have to bee in Finland.
    By practise it has become a habit.

    • Raija, Water is such an important elixir for us. I love that you shared your method of finding peace and comfort.
      I felt I was there in Nurmijärvi, I smelled the air, I heard the sounds and, yes, it was peaceful. Love back to you<3

  5. Sorry for bee-typo…please, read it as ” be “…

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