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Mirror Lake Revisited



The temples tick.

The eyes burn.

My son, always caring, wraps up a cold wash cloth on my forehead.

It is such a relief!

I’m in the Mirror Lake again, immersed in the cool water,

I let the wave ripple right below my eyes.

He repeats it several times, many of days. He is caring.

When my son is sick, I don’t know how to help him.

I can only love.

While I like calm lakes,

His element is the Atlantic Ocean.


4 thoughts on “Mirror Lake Revisited

  1. Dear Irma,
    LOVE is the best medicine in the world. To have people around who really care and love you no matter what..
    It is such a luxury and you are blessed many ways to feel it and have it comfort you on bad times, and enjoy it in good times.
    What a son you have!

    • Raija, Love. Very hard to describe, mostly, but so conrete and almost visible the other times. During this sickness I truly felt it as euphoria and love given to me, to ME, will always be cherished and never forgotten. I’m so humble and blessed.
      Love back to you ❤

  2. You are also loving and caring, Irma. We can read it between the lines. The two last lines are great.

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