Short Stories. Photos and pictures. Poems even.



Have you been to the Alps?

Have you been to Gornergrat

over 10 000 ft high, facing the beautiful Matterhorn?

Last October the weather was lovely, minus 11 C, clear, the breeze fresh.

Between the train stop and the restaurant there was a sitting area,

where the sun was so strong

I could take the jacket off and let the warmth surround me.

I closed my eyes, took several deep breaths to fill my lungs

with the most freshest of air,

to last for ever.

The cells of my face, arms and body were absorbing the pureness of it.

And I felt peace.

I felt healthy. HEALTHY.

And I felt HAPPY.

Have you been to Lapland in August,

far above the Arctic Circle, in the wilderness?

After a long hike, enjoyed sauna and a cold cava,

cooled by the stream?

Listened to the quietness, enjoyed the company.

And felt HAPPY.

Or hiked the cold Colca Canyon in Peru in November?

Have you seen the condors soar?

Have you seen how primitive the life can be

still people smile.

And they are HAPPY.

So I ask you,

Have you ever been to the ocean at Montauk Point?

8 thoughts on “WONDERS

  1. yes I have been to MP

  2. Peikko luulee, että onnellisuus ei piilekään omistamisessa eikä saamisessa vaan olemisessa, sopuisassa olemisessa, jossa tietää olevansa osa luontoa ja keikkea sitä mikä siihen kuuluu, koko paketin arvoinen. Sellaista olemista on enää vähän.

  3. isopeikko, viisaasti sanottu, jälleen. Kun aina osaisi nauttia hetkestä ja luonnosta ja ystävistä, olisi rikas. Kiitos, Peikko.

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