Short Stories. Photos and pictures. Poems even.




I love to sit on the  ledge above the first floor window.

The house is well- kept Victorian in the corner of Stewart and Railroad.

People rushing to the trains, some walking leisurely on the street,

Some entering the house below, cars coming and going.

It gives me a great perspective from above. Peaceful.

All of a sudden a man runs to the window, panicky, screaming!

He has to get out! He HAS to get out!

Someone calls the fire truck, the ladder is extended to the second floor!

The man almost runs down the steps and keeps on running.

The fear catches up,

A line forms at the ledge! I feel panic rising in me.

I have to get out! I HAVE to get out!

A woman appears on the window on the other side of me:

“Just climb into the house, go slowly down the steps and out of the front door.”

Everything is calm inside the house, people mingling, painting, writing, and singing.

Very cheerful and joyous! I linger for a while, and leave.

“I’ll be back tomorrow. That ledge is mine!”

P.S. I saw this dream when I was pondering if to blog or not to blog.

2 thoughts on “DREAM

  1. weird… I should blog my dreams, maybe they will start to make sense! LOL
    yours are beautiful and fun.

  2. Anri, LOL to you too, try! It might give insight if you analize. Sleep well 🙂

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