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Arvasitte jo varmaan, mitä meiltä löytyy näihin väreihin!
Saviastiat ovat Kreikasta, Perusta, Meksikosta ja USA:sta. Tekstiilit Suomesta, Perusta ja USA:sta. Sain kahvikuppisarjan tuliaisiksi Perusta. Poikani oli paikallisessa kaupassa ja katseli kippoja ja kuppeja tietäen, että tuliaiset olisivat mieleiset. Kaupan rouva oli iloinen, pakkasi kermanekan ja sokerikipon. “Ei, ei. Ostan kaikki! Kupit, lautaset, teekannun, sokerikon, kermakon. Kaikki!” Mikä ilo! Sirkutuksesta ja laulusta ei tullut loppua, kun rouva paketoi suurta ostosta. Hänelle varmaan viikon suurin, pojalleni alle 30 dollarin tuliainen.

Yksi lempiastioistani, ostettu Kreikasta odottaessani yllämainittua nuorta miestä syntyväksi. Antiikkia, me kaikki kolme 🙂

Muita kollaaseja löytyy täältä!


Color Symbols

red symbolises passion, courage, danger and revolution and indicates strong personality. Those who favour red are leaders who can make quick decisions, but they may not stop to think.
pink is naive, sensitive and girlish. Prisoners have been soothed with pink interiors.
yellow is for warmth, energy, idealism and optimism, Like yellow and you dislike pettiness. Hating yellow suggests low self-esteem and bad self-image.

orange is for the warm-hearted, tender, optimistic, tolerant and benevolent. Negatively, orange stands for arrogance, vanity, stupid pranks and dishonesty.
green may be socially aware, altruistic and helpful, or at their worst, “sheer poison” or dishonest.
blue is conservative, clean and peaceful. Yet dark blue is stormy, romantic and royal. Blue is said to be the color of introverts, eliciting logical thinking. honesty and sincerity. It may also reveal sensitivity, emotional frigidity or seriousness.
violet is the most spiritual color. It urges us to seek perfection, but it also suggests that nothing comes free or without pain. On the dark side, friends of violet can be argumentative, ruthless, arrogant, deceitful.
brown is earthy, withered, mature, aged, balanced and secure. Lovers of brown are sensible, quiet, strong, with a preference for the tangible and real.
black is a depressing shade denoting-discipline and perfection – but it is also very classy. Those who choose black want to keep control by withholding information.
white is for purity, innocence, righteousness, sanctification and holiness. It may also mean you like simplicity, cleanliness and clarity.
grey is neutral, boring, old, safe and balanced. Grey folk are often shy and cautious.

I picked this chart from a magazine at Helsinki Airport last March. Unfortunatelly I don’t find the writer nor the name of that publication any longer to give proper credit. I will revise if the magazine surfices again.




My parents spent long vacations with us. They stayed three, four weeks at a time. Especially when we were new to this house, there was work to be done. Enter THE FATHER, who knows how to make, fix and build anything. Anything and everything. He brought with him blue overalls. After breakfast, 8 A.M they went on and at 5 P.M. the overalls found their hook on the wall. Time for a cocktail hour. He liked to sit in the living room, on the steps leading upstairs. Second step, great conversation level, third step, great observation spot.

My husband, the city boy was learning fast. My son had Vaari’s enthusiasm for building. The house renewed itself little by little.

Vaari passed away unexpectedly. A few weeks after the day, we were sitting in the living room. I glanced toward the upstairs steps. My father was sitting on the third level! He was smiling. He looked so happy and so content. Happy. Content. No words can describe how I felt! He had passed on and everything was all right.

Now over ten years later, my son still has those blue overalls. He wears them working on anything around the house. The legs and the sleeves are too short for him. They are slightly ripped and full of paint. He loves them, because they are just right for any job.




We have been living in this house for a long time. Not really a handyman special but lots of work went on to make it our home. The fridge broke first week we moved in. The oven had been cleaned with who-knows-what: We thought we had a gas leak and called fire department.

Gone-with-the-wind wallpaper! Murky dark paneling, except in the back bedroom. There each wall was covered differently, one with wallpaper, two with paneling (one wall dark the other oak light) and one with fake linen. The room had a depressive feel to it. The renovations started in that back room.

An old man lived there. Not really lived, but his spirit did. He smelled slightly of tobacco, but not a heavy smoker. Slightly of moist wool jacket, but not really wet. I smelled him often. I heard him walk in the room. It was not scary. Not comforting, but not scary. One night my son said: “Did you know that on old man died here?” No, I did not. Neither did any of our neighbors. We could not ask the previous owners since we did not know them. So we lived with him in peace. Even after the room was completely done, he lingered. We told him to go the white light. He did not listen.

Ten years ago we opened the back door from the kitchen and built a sunroom. Just like a miracle, he left.


Be Kind

Belongs to : I like to talk to people 🙂

People were gathering for a dinner at the resort. Balmy night, beautiful hotel, turquoise Caribbean ocean, sandy beach, palm trees, all the works! Several little tables were filling in. Most of my colleagues clicked together.

The hotel manager was sitting on the table by himself. I could not believe that the others had ignored him like that! After all, he was our host that night! I filled up my piña colada, went over and introduced myself. And got invitation to join.

We were talking about the travel business, about the resort. We talked about vacations. He was from Jamaica originally, an old Merchant Marine. He has sailed all over the world. Yes, he has been to Helsinki, years ago. I have been to Jamaica, several times. I love the island! Once you arrive you start walking with a different rhythm, you start to swing to the beat of Reggae. Irie, Mama! The rum and jerk pork are not bad either! People are fun there!

The group was planning to go town next morning. He asked if I was going along. No, I really don’t need anything. I’ll dive into the ocean, enjoy the last day in water, that’s my nature. Ok, I do love to shop too, but I’ll drop into resort gift shop to pick up a T-shirt for my two kids before we leave.

Next morning I stopped by the gift shop. I was warmly welcomed by a young man. He asked if I’m the lady who dined with the manager last night. Yes, I am.
“Please pick up any two T-shirts. Compliments of the Manager!”
I was astonished! How kind of him! How kind of him.

Upon departure I thanked him, he in return told how much he had enjoyed the conversation. AND offered complimentary three night stay for me and my husband any time we wanted to visit Antigua.