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Poems and Finnish Men.


A Question without number.

On the threshold of doubt
How much courage
Do you dare to leave unused

I received a book for Christmas. A book of poems. It was sent to me by my cousins from Finland, two women, who maybe by bloodline, can READ my soul. They come very close understanding me.

I have heard of Tommy Tabermann (1947-2010), a Finnish poet, radio reporter, political personality. I know how he looked. He was my contemporary. I did not live in Finland during his reign and was only familiar with two perhaps three of his poems before.

On the forword of the book “Tommy Tabermann, Runot 1970-2010”, published by Gummerus, Kaija Valkonen quotes his hobbies: Woman’s lips, speaking with skin, neurotic protection of freedom, keeping distance from stupidity and, resurrection. The poems of this version are selected by the editor, and might heavily reflect her personal liking. I want to see more!

I read the book within 24 hours. All 655 poems at once, in one reading! This is not the way I usually read, poems especially. So much is soaked into a single word in short stories. A poem needs time to grow and time for reflection. My reason was to get a picture of his mind, his world, his everything. It came through very strongly! The love, the lust, the raw feelings of longing to be needed. His vulnerability is touchable!
The emotional days of youth slow down slightly, ponder the afterlife. The glory of life is always the main thought: “Whatever happens, we can say: I did exist! “ (Excerpt from Intohimon panttivanki, 1980).

He reminds me strongly of Eino Leino, a poet who lived 1878-1926. The sensitivity and softness of a tough man from the North is the same. The love for the nature, the touch of the wind or a wing of a fairy so beautifully told. I will wrap myself into a blanket, again, and reread each poem, Tommy’s and Eino’s.

Finnish men do not talk nor do they kiss, but how beautifully do they write!

2 thoughts on “Poems and Finnish Men.

  1. I wish I could enjoy poetry as much as I think my mind should. I even took a course in college.

    I know the techniques
    I know the patterns
    I know the words

    But I don’t know the satisfaction. Maybe this Tommy Tabbysomethingdude will get me.

    Ps. Lady Lazarus stands out in my memory.

    • Josesito, LOL! To me poetry is a story with fewer words. Tommy says out loud what we might think, but do not dare to write. Very sensual 🙂
      Sylvia, a story by herself. You make me laugh, thanks!

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