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Color Symbols


red symbolises passion, courage, danger and revolution and indicates strong personality. Those who favour red are leaders who can make quick decisions, but they may not stop to think.
pink is naive, sensitive and girlish. Prisoners have been soothed with pink interiors.
yellow is for warmth, energy, idealism and optimism, Like yellow and you dislike pettiness. Hating yellow suggests low self-esteem and bad self-image.

orange is for the warm-hearted, tender, optimistic, tolerant and benevolent. Negatively, orange stands for arrogance, vanity, stupid pranks and dishonesty.
green may be socially aware, altruistic and helpful, or at their worst, “sheer poison” or dishonest.
blue is conservative, clean and peaceful. Yet dark blue is stormy, romantic and royal. Blue is said to be the color of introverts, eliciting logical thinking. honesty and sincerity. It may also reveal sensitivity, emotional frigidity or seriousness.
violet is the most spiritual color. It urges us to seek perfection, but it also suggests that nothing comes free or without pain. On the dark side, friends of violet can be argumentative, ruthless, arrogant, deceitful.
brown is earthy, withered, mature, aged, balanced and secure. Lovers of brown are sensible, quiet, strong, with a preference for the tangible and real.
black is a depressing shade denoting-discipline and perfection – but it is also very classy. Those who choose black want to keep control by withholding information.
white is for purity, innocence, righteousness, sanctification and holiness. It may also mean you like simplicity, cleanliness and clarity.
grey is neutral, boring, old, safe and balanced. Grey folk are often shy and cautious.

I picked this chart from a magazine at Helsinki Airport last March. Unfortunatelly I don’t find the writer nor the name of that publication any longer to give proper credit. I will revise if the magazine surfices again.

4 thoughts on “Color Symbols

  1. Peikko tykkää oransseista ketuista, ruskeista karhuista, harmaista susista, vihreistä metsistä ja sinisistä vesistä. Se ei ole kyllä ihan samaa miältä kaikista väriominaisuuksista. Mutta eihän sen tarvitsekaan olla, ne voivat olla ihan totta kaikkialla muualla paitsi peikon tämänpäiväisissä mielikuvissa 🙂

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