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Arts and Crafts Fair.

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I have been making greetings cards of my photos for quite a while. Plain, no prewritten sentiments for a generic occasion. Or too detailed like “To my sister’s ex-husband’s new wife congratulating her for a new step grandchild.” Plain, no text, but mostly for my own use, to write down my own thoughts directly to the person I’m thinking of.
Some people have taken liking to them, I sold some at work and some to friends, With reasonable success! So a friend suggested I’ll take them out to a fair. The Fire Department in next town, Engine #7, was holding Arts and Crafts Fair yesterday, over 140 Vendors. A beautiful, slightly overcast day. A little too breezy, some of the cards turned out to be airmail! And we were running after them a few times!

A lots of different kind of merchandise was offered, the girl next table had wreaths, even some Christmas trees for tabletops, mostly too gaudy to my liking, but she was doing well with the local crowd, and mother-daughter team on the next table had white and black T-shirts with rhinestone decorations. Behind me a chiropractor passing out leaflets and an other table, an oriental lady beading jewelry. Her husband was going thru my matted photos several time, but did not buy any. I purchased a pair a earrings from them. It was interesting to watch the beadworking. Anything you can imagine was there, painted flower pots, wood working, toys and lots and lots of hand made jewelry. A seller from South West had beautiful silver and turquoise selection, new and antique. A greyhound society was there with their dogs! You name it, it was there.

I was pleased with the interest in my crafts, “This picture talks to me!”, “I love the way you see things!”,”I love your colors!” Besides the cards, I had framed and matted pictures. I purchased some canvas bags with my photos on them, and they turned out great. They did not sell well. (I’ll think I’ll spread the out at the office or use for gifts or for next fair!) The picture selection was purely local. I got three orders, which I need to do today.

There was food! Sausages, with onions and peppers, pulled pork BBQ, hot dogs, of course. Zeppoles! Almost like finnish donuts for First of May! The baker dips his hand into the soft dough, whisks if off from his fingers into bubbling oil until brown. Bags it into a paper bag and scoops a huge ladle full of powdered sugar into the bag. Greasy but tasty while hot!

My husband, son and daughter-in-love were there with me all day. We had really great time, did not get rich enough to quit the day job, but earned some extra for the hobby which is fun! Maybe we’ll do it again.

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