Short Stories. Photos and pictures. Poems even.

Statistics and Thank-Yous.


My wordpress just greeted me with : This is your 139th post. Glorious!
I started this blog a year ago. Hesitantly. I believed there would be more stories, then poems and then what-ever. Wonders! The weight has moved into photographing, which I always liked but have not had enough time to really learn. Wonders? But what really wonders me, is the friendly feed back from you all! Today, after a year, there has been 8050 views, 1501 comments. Lowest day had four people on page and the highest had 127! 11 categories. Wonders! How many blogs have I visited? Nobody knows! I have seen beautiful and talented photos, sad and funny stories, travels around the world, cats and dogs. I have had tears in my eye and I have laughed out loud so many times, that I must be years younger than I was last year this time.
Thank you all for making my days never-ending WONDERS for being there for me.

4 thoughts on “Statistics and Thank-Yous.

  1. This has been joy and nice way to get to know you better, dear Irma! Thank you with hugs;)

  2. I know! I agree with each word you wrote and share that wonder. The world is so much smaller beacause of the net, but at the same time, all its vastness & hugeness is at our fingertips, to be enjoyed! Thank you for your words and pictures and all things nice and congratulations: you are so well developed for a year-old 🙂

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