Short Stories. Photos and pictures. Poems even.

Visiting old and new friends.

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At the powwow the most fun thing to do is visit the artisan’s tent.

( please *click* on the two pictures to view.)

Serafina: Last year I almost got a necklace from Serafina. She is a Navajo artist, who’s jewelry was most impressive! She weaves Navajo rugs with her family. I was looking for her this past Monday. Nowhere to be seen! In one booth a gentleman had some pieces which very much reminded me of Serafina’s.   And sure enough, they were hers! She no longer travels the circuit. Too bad! I wanted to talk to her about some coral pieces I inherited from my mother-in-law. I have some turquoise porcelain pearls as well. Maybe she could redesign  them into something more contemporary. I was able to leave contact information and now eagerly wait to hear from. I’ll keep you posted.

George: A whiff of strong smell of burning sage  sneaks out of a tent. Very back in the booth  sits a middle-aged Native Indian. “So 1960’s ” I comment! He laughs and says someone just asked if he was smoking marijuana! No, it’s sage, known for its healing powers! I’m willing to be surrounded by the smoke, he is willing to share. ( Don’t get me wrong, I love any kind of smoke, mostly burning fireplace.)  He is from Connecticut, wearing the most interesting head-piece. It’s made of porcupine needles and deer fur and colored. Tribes from different areas wear the piece in different positions on the head. Easy to recognize, he says. Sure! He shares stories of his grandfather and his childhood. George and my husband talk awhile I study his work. He gets most of the stories that I don’t remember! I’m so bad with details, so let this just be an introduction to my photos and not a history lesson of any kind!

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