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AFRIKKA värikollaasi #58

On kiva nähdä, miten erilaisia mielikuvia haastesanat synnyttävät eri osallistujissa.

This week’s color association is AFRICA.

Värit haastesanaan ovat itse päätettävissä, kunhan ne liittyvät mielikuviisi annetusta sanasta! Voit käyttää ihan mitä tahansa kuviasi kollaasiin. Kuviesi ei siis tarvitse liittyä tuohon maahan mitenkään. Vain värimielikuvillasi on siis merkitystä.

Pohjois-Afrikka: (North)

Etelä-Afrikka: (South)

Äiti Afrikka: (Mother Africa)

Only the color images are important, not the actual pictures of the topic.

Katso lisää Afrikan seikkailuja! More of African adventures!


The Bridemaids

The one, who holds the key, can unlock my heart.”

We all got together on one early spring Saturday and went to “Bridal Town”. I thought it was a town with several bridal shops. Nope! It was a converted farmhouse with huge warehouse of dresses. In the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. How do people even know about these places!

We had fun! Color galore! Try to fit four different size girls into a same style dress! Laura is mother of three, short with shape. Jen is tall, with the statue of a noble women in a Dutch painting. Kim, exotic girl. And Mila, a petit Latina. All with their individual fashion preferences. So, all we could do is have fun! I was glancing at Mother-of-bride dresses. How glittery do I dare to go? How about cleavage? But we did not buy anything there.

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To an other shop. A chain store. We were hesitant, how would we fare there? Not bad! A dress was found, it fit all and needed only shortening at the hem.  Unbelievable! The color was not exactly what the Bride had in mind, slightly more purple, but she was pleased. Lapis it is! And it looked beautiful on all of the girls! Hooray!




Makroviikoilla on tarkoitus kuvata joka viikko jokin kohde LÄHELTÄ!


Rypistelen kulmiani, mitä keksisi? Keksin kulmat? Keksin kulmat! Leivonnainen, baklava, maukas juhlaleivonnainen, mitä ei usein tule tehtyä. Ystäväni, Lähi- Idästä syntyisin, teki niitä meille töihin näin Kiitospäivän kunniaksi. Hän on nyt eläkkeellä, kuten minäkin, joten ostin eilen kaupasta! Herkkujen herkkua!

Makro- Macro:

Baklava will represent my corners this Thanksgiving week. Apple turnover might have worked well also, but there is none in house!

Teema- Theme:

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Teemaksi laitan parhaimman reseptini, OMENAKAKKU. Kokeile, onnistuu AINA! (Huom. 1 cup= 2.5 dl, ja margariini 100gr.) Tarjoile kanelilla maustetun kermavaahdon kanssa. Leivon sen tänään päärynöillä.

As my theme I’ll offer my very best receipe for Apple Cake. Try it, it always turns out right! Serve it with whipped cream slightly seasoned with cinnamon. I will bake it today with pears.

Kulmaisia kuvia täällä! More corners can be found here! http://makroviikot.vuodatus.net/

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The Dress 1/2

“The one, who holds the key, can unlock my heart”

The Bride knows what she wants. Brides always know, they have been planning their weddings for years. Since they were 12 years old. Romantic. Lacey. If it involves a groom, OK then. But he will enter  into the picture much later. “I will be the most beautiful Princess!”

My princess wanted lace. Nothing too contemporary nor silky. Lace! She started her search. First with her best friend. Then a little bit on her own. She found THE dress. The fifth one she had tried on.

“Mommy, you have to come a see it! It’s beautiful!” We drove hour and half  where she lived. Went to the shop. The dress was cute, lace shoulders, puffed skirt. I looked at it, the front and the back. The top part was really appealing and suited her well. Short of like Audrey Hepburn era. The bottom appeared to be too plain, to my liking. Too simple for people to watch, when she’ll walk down the aisle, I said.  I did not break into tears of joy, like mothers do in the romance novels.  I thought she should look further. It did not make her look special or unique. Just a pretty dress.

“Why did you have to come, if you don’t like anything? Why do you always have to crush my dreams?” I had no answer.  An akward moment. I don’t know why I am like this, a bad mother.  She did not speak to me for hours. Just like when she was 15. “I will be a  thousand times  better mother than you!” And suddenly my green eyes were snake eyes. Ugly! A bad mother.

I cried for that day and I cried for the memory of those teenage years.  They were not tears of joy that day.


IRLANTI värikollaasi #57


Jatkamme näillä väriaiheilla aina tuonne kevätauringon heräilyyn saakka ja siirrytään sitten taas vaihteeksi valmiisiin väripaletteihin – ainakin hetkellisesti.


Kuvien ei siis tarvitse olla otettu Irlannista tai liittyä tuohon maahan mitenkään. Vain värimielikuvilla on siis merkitystä!

Varoitan ennalta, Irlanti on viettelevä!

Be forewarned, Ireland is seductive!

Color collage challence is now calling for images of countries, not actual photos.

I wanted to use actual words!

Muiden ideat ovat täällä! Other interpretations can be found here!

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Begging in Lisbon

One gets used to walking by the beggers. Too many of them.  Too many of us.

In Chiado, there was an old woman leaning on the door frame. There always is one somewhere, everywhere; they look like thirteen in a dozen. I walked by with no feelings.  An older gentleman with sad eyes sitting on Metro steps, not really begging, but with embarrassed look on his face. I catched the eye; I hesitated, but walked by. Break dancing, maybe. Music, mostly yes. I tip for talent.

A girl in her late teens played beautiful familiar music on her accordion in the middle of Rua Augusta. We stopped to listen; I hummed by myself and dropped a euro on her scarf.  Only later to find her again loudly arguing with someone on her cell phone.  What, even I don’t have a cell phone!  I bet her scarf was more expensive than mine!

Walking down Rua de Santa Justa I glanced down at a bum, covered with blanket and his two dogs.  There were signs on the street. I laughed and called my husband to retract a few steps and come see these! One sign read: Para Cerveja, the other Para Vinho.  The begger listened to us for a while chuckling about his signs. With Irish accent he said: “I also have two more on this side.” Sure: one for smokes and one for hangover! I kid you not! “You can select your donations.”  I laughed. “Happy to make you smile.” He says. “No, you really made me laugh out loud. These are funny. Can I take a picture?” He flipped out another sign:

“Hey, and if they turn out great, send them to me! Here is my WEB page!” The little paper slip he passed to me  read: www.LazyBeggers.com.  I kid you not!

I tip for talent!


ALASKA värikollaasi #56



Värit haastesanaan ovat itse päätettävissä, kunhan ne liittyvät mielikuviin annetusta sanasta! Voi käyttää ihan mitä tahansa kuvia kollaasiin. Kuvien ei tarvitse olla esim. Alaskassa otettuja, tai aiheiltaankaan sanaan liittyviä (esim. jää, jääkarhu, lumi tms.). Vain värimielikuvillasi on siis merkitystä!

Color collage gives us a chance to use our imanination offering a subject named ALASKA: What comes to your mind? My collage is made of ceramic tiles from Portugal, azulejos, blue representing the ice and sky and white the snow.

Lisää aiheen innostamaa kuvaa täältä! More here!