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The Bridemaids


The one, who holds the key, can unlock my heart.”

We all got together on one early spring Saturday and went to “Bridal Town”. I thought it was a town with several bridal shops. Nope! It was a converted farmhouse with huge warehouse of dresses. In the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. How do people even know about these places!

We had fun! Color galore! Try to fit four different size girls into a same style dress! Laura is mother of three, short with shape. Jen is tall, with the statue of a noble women in a Dutch painting. Kim, exotic girl. And Mila, a petit Latina. All with their individual fashion preferences. So, all we could do is have fun! I was glancing at Mother-of-bride dresses. How glittery do I dare to go? How about cleavage? But we did not buy anything there.

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To an other shop. A chain store. We were hesitant, how would we fare there? Not bad! A dress was found, it fit all and needed only shortening at the hem.  Unbelievable! The color was not exactly what the Bride had in mind, slightly more purple, but she was pleased. Lapis it is! And it looked beautiful on all of the girls! Hooray!

2 thoughts on “The Bridemaids

  1. Neidot sulostelivat mekoissaan! Ja nuo tuolit, oh, heti ottaisin yhden.

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