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The Invitations

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The one, who holds the key, can unlock my heart.”

The Invitations left early to allow overseas guest to make their final travel plans. Save-the-Date cards were mailed out already in March. The Bride selected the Invitation kit from Michael’s Arts & Crafts store, and we worded it together and printed them at home. Traditional text, of course. After all she was getting married in Princeton, a town with long history and beauty.

The lace was in order! I was talking with my dear friend and neighbor Gisela, asking what might be the best venue as obtaining the lace. “Go no further”, she said and pulled out two big Tupperware containers full of lace. Wow! “Take what ever you want, I don’t know what to do with them all.” It was such fun selecting them! I finalized with several different romantic designs.   The bridesmaids and the Bride’s closest cousin got the fancier ones.

Antique lace for the close family members, however making sure that nobody in the same family got the same!  This was my favorite, soft and old. It needed a prewash in lavender sented water and a quick press with the iron. The others were also ironed depending the need.

The lace was cut long enough to wrap around the entire invitation pocket. I clued first the left front only on the fold side and let it dry. I then turned it around and clued the back side edge and trimmed excess.

The silk ribbon was first made to size over a cardboard template so that I didn’t have to play with it once sliding it over the lace; then the Invitation was slipped in. Looked nice, I thought. Romantic like it should be!

The hotel info, driving directions, and  reply envelopes were inserted. Now to the Envelopes and we’ll be ready!

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