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The Envelopes

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The one, who holds the key, can unlock my heart.”

As you know, I love calligraphy. Not the very fancy one (since I cannot do it)!  I was contemplating to use the nib and ink-well, but decided against it. It might get too messy, so the technical pen came out for that reason.  As color, the jet black. No  specific font,  I just let the pen take me there. I wanted it to look home-made, not printed. I think I succeeded on that part, laughing out loud!

It is very hard to narrow the total guest list. Did we remember everyone we like to/should? Naturally more invitations go out than expected amount of guest, when Bride’s mother’s entire family lives overseas. We guesstimated  about 60-80 guests, it did actually came close.  Stamps, airmail stickers and into mail, waiting for replies!

We were so excited!

While waiting for the replies, we were back to finalize the wedding gown and the bridal party attire. And my dress!

One thought on “The Envelopes

  1. Anri, yeah; you are such a tuff customer 😀

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