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at arts and crafts fair


Is there anything more fun than walking slowly thru an arts and crafts fair on a sunny Saturday!

Mostly it is the same stuff, jewelry either hand-made or made in China/Ecuador/India, mostly useless little trinkets. I met two photographers, one I knew previously and a new, younger man. Both have great photos from local area, one frames and even prints them on the glass, and the younger one had great 16×24 inch giclee pictures. You get to talk to people at fairs. Small talk with fellow photographer. Oh, did I say fellow? I’m a long way from their art yet!

End of one row sat a man engraving a cigarette case. The old fashion looking one from the forties, but reproduction. He had different kind of gift items, like pocket mirrors and flasks. I asked if I could take some pictures. He was exited about it. I said I might post in my blog just to share with my friends. “Sure”, he said, “just wait I’ll change my T-shirt to a nicer one.” And so he did. He name was Michael.

I asked of different steps he needs to do and how long he has been doing the engraving. A novice, just a year and half. He was eager to explain. I snapped away. A woman with a ball in her tongue came to pick up her order. “She is making a TV program about me,” Michael said. “No, no, just a little picture story to my blog,” I corrected. It did not matter, he was one proud artisan!

Oh, I did see something I liked! They did not have my size! So we all went to the ocean and had a delicous lunch! Mussels, shrimp, crab cakes, lobster rolls and a cold Corona…

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