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Carmel Mission


Welcome to The Basilica of Mission San Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, commonly known as Carmel Mission.

Friar Junipero Serra, born in Mallorca 1713, left his home and embarked for a mission to Mexico 1749. He walked from Loreto, California up to San Diego and arrived in Monterey Peninsula 1870 and founded this mission. Over 4000 Indians were baptized by 1836.  Padre Serra also founded eight other missions. He died 1784 and is buried before the main Altar here at Carmel. The Basilica has gone thru several faces, and it fell into ruin. California took control 1846 and 1884 work started to save this landmark. 1931 the restoration took full force and the basilica got the status of an independent parish. 1961 the Mission was honored and designated as a Minor Basilica by pope John XXIII. Pope visit here in September 1987 as part of his tour in the United States.

We had the joy of  visiting here a few weeks ago, and I cannot tell you how impressive it was for a small church. The plain thought of someone travelling from so far away and establishing a place of worship to nowhere, and that history still intact  as it is, is heartbreaking to me. It humbles me. So if you are in Carmel do not miss this little jewel. It is undergoing renovations again at this time, but it did not interfere with the visit.

Facts from the flyer published by www.carmelmission.org.

2 thoughts on “Carmel Mission

  1. kolmas ylhäältä – loistava tunnelma ja ihku väritys. pidän kuinka volo väreilee epätasaisella lattialla

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