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We stopped at a gas station to fill up. We had just cut our own Christmas tree at a tree farm, and  were a little hungry and a little tired of the fresh air. Where should we go? The town center looked small, in the corner there was a deli. Deli? Maybe.

A lady was filling up her SUV across from us. “Excuse me, are you local?” I asked. Yes, she was. “What is your favorite place for lunch in town? Something more than just a sandwich.” She looked up and down the streets, pondered and pointed to the right. “Right passed the sign of Firehouse Plaza is a bakery café you might like.” So there we went.

_DSC5505 blog

The place looked very small outside, nothing to give away what will be inside. Fall-bitten hydrangea welcoming on the entrance. We entered.  Nobody behind the counter, two young ladies on the window table in deep discussion. But the light was warm, maybe five small tables, white crisp paper covered tables, inviting, two couches with arms open. It felt like we just walked into an intimate café in somewhere in Central Europe! Could have been on a side street in Geneva, maybe in Paris. Copenhagen even. Yes, we’ll stay._DSC5512 BLOGThere was no rush. While waiting for the food and service, we looked around. The walls displayed beautiful photographs and giclee prints. They were for sale, I forgot to memorize the artist’s name, but found most of them very interesting, sceneries from local mountains and also faraway places like China.  A selection of cute and funny photo greetings cards were at the counter. I like to see local art represented in small place like this, it brings them closer to a viewer. And hopefully to a customer who wants to purchase them. Since I fiddle with my own camera, with lesser results, I had to leave them there. A teen-aged school girl dropped into a couch and ordered a cup of coffee. Otherwise the place was ours.

_DSC5499 blog

The menu was large enough for all of us four to pick our favorites. The pies were individual, good-sized portions, delicious. I wished my Quiche would have been larger, because it could have been, but it also it is one of my favorites! Lacking a pinch of salt, but delicious all in all. Tuna melt was full-bodied with tightly crisped slices of bread accompanied by potato salad, while the other meals came with vinaigrette arugula salad. The drinks were not offered without asking. We settled with cokes.


The tower of white meringue was staring at me. Big and oozing! But the shelves with pies also called, and we ordered a piece each for dessert. The girls were delighted with their apple pies, my plum pie was deliciously tart, just right. Coffee was available on the side table, but we passed it up.  My husband was thinking of taking a full pie home with us, but was slightly hesitant, they were priced @ $18-22. If it was holidays coming, but….I felt that if the service would have been a little bit more personal, a little bit more outgoing, we would have spent more. But we were a motley crew, so maybe it was our fault, who knows.


I was itching to take photos and asked the lady if she would allow me to do so. “Sure, are you going to publish it somewhere?” she asked and introduced herself as the owner. “Debra”, she said and  extended her hand for a friendly shake. I introduced myself and no, no, I’m just a blogger, who wants to exchange stories and pictures with my blogger friends. Just a hobby. And I clicked away hastily.

_DSC5500 blog

ME-OH-MY, it was a great find. I would stop by anytime if in the neighborhood of Red Hook, N.Y. again and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a good bite and a lovely atmosphere. And do take those award-winning cookies with you! Hey, it might be worthwhile just for a new trip by itself!

_DSC5513 blog

2 thoughts on “ME-OH-MY

  1. Irma:
    Your photos of my shop are so beautiful. Would you have any objection to my using them on my website? I would be happy to give you a byline.
    Me-Oh-My Cafe

  2. Thank you, Debra, I am very flattered. I will contact you shortly.

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