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a lesson with the eye for the details


We have a wonderful Camera Shop here on the island.

As I wrote before I have taken a course or two in there. All of them have been informative and worked very well with smaller group, no more than a dozen at a time, all enthusiastic photographers. There are professionals with camera equipment beyond the believe and then some like me. We all fit in because photography is the common bond.  Personally I do not always understand the technicality  100%, with all that wealth of information! But I have always taken something of it with me. Like yesterday.

A prominent New York photographer Ellen Fisch introduced us to the Art of Architectural Photography. She specializes in cityscapes, neighborhoods, details in buildings. Her colors a gentle and subdued, sepia, black and white, some with soft color highlights. One of her pictures features gold leaf overlay on the tree leaves. What a delightful combination with otherwise sepia colored park. She painstakingly works her pictures over. The results are amazing!

She has many years of experience with different kind cameras, loves the digital and is a satisfied user of the  Photoshop. She manipulates the photos to her liking, removing objects which have no use in the picture to tell the story. Seriously, why are cars always parked right in front of the spot one wants to photograph? She shoots without tripod, sometimes balancing the camera on her forehead. The less things she carries with her, the more attention she can give to the object she is shooting. It should work for us also.

I was so inspired by the class that I am seriously thinking to open a new blog for photography only. Stay tuned.

scan0007 blog

Photo by Ellen Fisch Photography. Please *click* to magnify!

2 thoughts on “a lesson with the eye for the details

  1. Thank you so much. Your words are deeply appreciated! I hope to see you again……All my best, Ellen

  2. Ellen, I truly was inspired by you! I see there is a tour with you in the City in February. I’ll see if I can recoup enough courage to attend 🙂

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