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I always cry in the church 1/2


Cathedral of San Juan Bautista:

_DSC7592 blog

_DSC7591 blog

San Juan Bautista, in San Juan Puerto Rico, was built 1521. Now the cathedral is almost finished with restoration, the old colors were found under layers and layers of plaster. These original walls touch my heart, however I do appreciate the work that is done to save them. The raw primitive power of colors, the texture of fallen out plaster, the light that pours in, fills my heart with joy and love for the beauty of it. It makes me cry with sheer presence of being there.

2 thoughts on “I always cry in the church 1/2

  1. kauniit kuvat rapistuneesta kirkosta, tunnelma välittyy kuvista

  2. Ritva, kiitos, näitä voisi ihailla päivittäin. Muistuttavat sinun kollaasejasikin.

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