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  Delicious cakes ( I admit and I’m not even a bit guilty ) I ate it all in Finland.

IMG_0006 blog

_DSC7931 blog


lime pie

chocolade cake

A quite of few cakes went un-photographed, and mostly the ones pictured here. I was so spoiled and pampered during my visit back home! The meals I had, the company I enjoyed, PRICELESS. Besides the delicacies offered at my sister’s and cousins’ homes, the decadent café culture in Europe wrapped me up with sheer luxury of it. Sitting and watching people, while leisurely carrying a conversation for three or more hours, is priceless.

_DSC8164 blog

10 thoughts on “delicious

  1. Herkullisia kuvia! Tule uudestaan, syödään lisää kakkua 🙂

  2. Mmmmm…..mmmmm 🙂

  3. Kaikkea tuota herkkua tekee mieli lusikoida, nam,nam…..

  4. Aaaaah, mikä aamupala! Bikinikuntoon pääseminen taitaa jäädä vain haaveeksi…

    Elämä on Keskiäkäisyyttä 😉 Joko sait luettua sen?

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