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tuna fishing


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While visiting friends in Miami we had a beautiful chance to go out to ocean with them, on their boat. It was an overcast Monday and there were no other than us on the water. A huge ocean liner sailed off, but that’s it. My husband had an opportunity to try his skills on the wheel and you could see him dreaming of his own boat someday. Surely, someday! We saw dolphins play right in front of the big high-rise condominiums, pelicans flying around us and water splash high when the boat reached 50 miles on hour speed! We passed palm tree edged beaches and little harbors with boats lulling on the waves. We felt so lucky and enjoyed the luxury of it all. Company, without saying was the best! An old school friend, whom I have not met since we left the high school and her Cuban born husband. Not to say anything bad about that split of champagne either.

Once back at the dock, two young men also arrived, carrying two small tuna fish. You know how I am with the “young men”. So I asked if I would be allowed to take a picture of two. Surely, the one said and stepped away from the table, where he was cleaning the catch. “No, no, don’t move. I would like to see the process of cleaning. What’s for dinner?” “Sushi, for sure!” A hungry pelican was waiting for his share. A great day was had by all!

12 thoughts on “tuna fishing

  1. Wau, hienoja kuvia! Upeat sävyt. Ja sushi, lempiruokaani!

  2. Welcome back! Been missing you!

    Ja nam, en panisi pahakseni hieman sushia näin aamutuimaan.

  3. Mikä ihmeen suuri kala tuon on? Minulle ei kiitos sushia.

  4. susupetal, love potion? Kiiris is so lucky! But the day will come when she has to eat!

  5. Ei herkkua minulle – mutta hyvä kuvasarja

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