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Spending a day with Mary Ellen 1/2

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Mary Ellen had a day off. “Hey, do you care to come to the Church with me for a few hours to weed the flower beds?” she asked. As you know I have nothing but time, so I was game as usual. “I’m expecting my friend Riitta to fly in today and stay overnight, I should clean up the guest room and pretend to dust, at least.” making me sound like I might have had something else to do. Hey, but that something else can be done in the afternoon. “We’ll stay no longer than one hour, two the most.” Four hours later….the garden was neat, weeded, mulched, a couple of friendly words changed with the priest, who was hurrying to a school for Morning Prayer, more conversations with an other priest, who loves flowers. There were daffodils planted right smack into the lawn, scattered all over. Who in the world would have done that! Mary Ellen asked him, and yes, you guessed it! “Beautiful idea!” we said. They look lovely in the middle of the lawn, we chimed!  As a bonus we also broomed a little grilling area around the corner and everything looked great. Great way to lift your spirits, and it goes without saying, a good company was enjoyed!

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