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Spending a day with Mary Ellen 2/2


After I got from home the Church trip with Mary Ellen, I made the bed in the guestroom, vacuumed, dusted, and picked up the night time reading on the side table for my overnight guest, Riitta. While in the shower, the phone rang. I did not want to catch the call, the cool water was ….aah so much more soothing … I got upstairs and someone knocked on the door, my friend Mary Ellen. She had found out  a yard sale in Sea Cliff, would I like to go. But of course! I only had a few dollars in my pocket, but no worry. I don’t usually buy a lot anyways. I love to rummage thru some things but don’t buy that much.

_DSC9654 blog

The house number we needed to find was across the railroad tracks. The gates were down, the line kept growing. Nothing happened, the gates stayed put. After awhile, we turned around and tried to find another way to get there. We were almost like obsessed not to give up. We made a huge detour and entered the street in question from an other direction. Lots and lots of stuff was spread on the lawn. A woman was sitting on the couch among all this. I stopped. “Nina! What are you doing here?” We hugged, she is a good friend of my friend Riitta. I have not seen her since a wedding year ago in January.  I had heard she was not doing too well; heart problems due cigarette smoking. She looked great! We were both surprised to have met here and Mary Ellen looked at us like a question mark. The ladies were introduced. I stayed on the couch with Nina most of the time while my friend shopped, she is an expert with good deals. We spoke with a younger woman who was running the sale. Mary Ellen told her to put some of her stuff back into the house. “These are valuable collector items, don’t leave them out on the lawn!” The woman told that some ladies had stolen some of them already, and there were still more empty boxes to be found. Such a shame! My friend found unopened Christmas Village items she was interested in, still in their original boxes, the original prices from $75 and down. She was trilled. She gathered tree boxfuls of them, offered a very fair price, even generous, for it all. I got an item for $2 for myself, not be any worse, after all this was all for the Russian Church and charity.

_DSC9656 blog

The young woman’s parents came home, I have met them maybe once also, they looked familiar. The mother asked if I would be interested in some food, she was baking one hundred stuffed peppers and two hundred cabbage rolls to the church fair this coming week end. Cabbage rolls! When did I eat them last? When my mother made them for me as a special request when I came home, long, long time ago. I had to borrow $20 from Mary Ellen. “Wait till I tell Riitta!” We could not believe this meeting by serendipity.

So, some good times were spend again and some good money also.

2 thoughts on “Spending a day with Mary Ellen 2/2

  1. Yes, I gustaesas pearls, precious pictures!

  2. Leovi, thank you so much! Think, I should have bought ?

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