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stop for the rust

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“Stop, stop, stop!” My husband is so used to this! Even through we plan our trips quite in detail, places and things pop-up unexpectedly while on the road. We just past a great looking junk yard in Embudo, N.M. Junk yard, Kingdom of Rust, a photographers Dreamland! “Back up, Hon, back up!” And he curves into the soft shoulder.

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We had missed our turnoff to the scenic road and decided to continue, instead of turning back. We can take the High Road to Taos on the way back to Santa Fe. A gray-haired blue-eyed gentleman, about our age maybe younger, is in a deep conversation with two other men. I am restless, I want to ask if he would allow me to take some pictures. He finally turns. “Excuse me,  but can I take about hundred-and-fifty photos here?” “Sure. You can take 200 but after 201 I must charge you,” he laughs. I’m sure he is used to this. Later when there are just three of us he strikes a conversation with my husband and I join in with about 50 pictures in my camera or so. I have not seen such richness of rust anywhere! The place is filled up with old gas pumps, a couple of cars, carriages, bikes, glass, gas station signs, pink flamingos, old stoves. iron beds; all out in the fresh air. Getting more more rusty and more beautiful! We find out he has accumulated all this in about 25 years. A pleasant fellow. A great stop on the road side! Too bad his diner was not refurbished yet, he is working on it, but any day now….

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