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comedy of dining errors


Our hotel in Taos is known for great food. We had made reservations, but change our minds. Hubby wants a steak instead of tamales. Across the street is beautiful new looking restaurant with patio and umbrellas. So we aim that direction. Waiting time for the tables is 8 to 8 and half minutes. You are very precise, I laugh. Would we care to wait at the bar? But yes of course! I order a refreshing margarita with pink grapefruit juice and what-ever-not in it. Hubby gets a Santa Fe Pale Ale. He is not a drinker, but it fits the thirst while waiting for that steak.

The place is a contemporary steak house, white table linens, lots of glasses and silverware. It has a vibrant atmosphere, everyone busying around like, “do not stand there but look busy, talk to patrons” kind of busy. Young beautiful people mostly. Our table opens up in less than five minutes, we move to the dining room. The excited Hostess pushes the menus to us before we are seated. My margarita glass spills over the table and the floor. It breaks. My husband looks at me like, not again. OK, I have spilled my drinks before, but not after a few sips of the drink, much later. I swear it was not my fault! Ladies on next table calling that do not wait the table to be cleaned, move to an other one. The waitress comes and takes us to a table, which is smaller and right on the servants path. My Hubby is an arm waiver, like a windmill when he talks. So…not a good choice. I have to remind him constantly not to waive. Do not waive! Waiters are marching in twos and threes carrying their trays high up in the air.

I get a new complimentary drink. They are sorry. Hubby orders a steak and I have an appetite for a salmon. Are you nuts ordering salmon in an inland state, he says. But I want it. We usually repair it medium rare, says the waitress.  I would prefer mine well-done. I don’t care for sushi. Orders come, looking nice, little orange baby carrots, rare, little white potatoes, way too rare for me. But I can eat them. But the fish! Crispy, well seasoned out side; frozen inside. I cannot get my knife through the meat. Waitress! She is sorry, brings it back to the kitchen. Waiting for the new one they offer an other drink. No thanks, we are OK. The new salmon entrée arrives. Frozen! Even the waitress cannot believe it. They sent you another bad on! She is sorry. The manager is sorry, wants me to order maybe something else. At this point I had lots of bread and lots of vegetables, so I am OK. Thanks but no thanks. The waitress is most graceful and I tell her it is not her fault, she is doing fine. A little later we are offered complimentary desserts. Hubby does not likes sweets and declines. Are you crazy, I message him with my eyes! Order, I’ll eat it! But no avail. I request Crème Brûlée, it’s delicious, nice sugar crust and all-around-full flavor. The waitress fusses around us. I feel like we on stage. We laugh with Hubby, what a comedy of errors. We request the check, the bill arrives. They have given credit for the salmon, -$26. No medium rare here, well done. We are happy campers.

Tired, we still look at some shop windows before retrieving back to the hotel and listen to the band play in the lobby till 11pm. Loud and clear right below our room.

2 thoughts on “comedy of dining errors

  1. Hyvä huumorintaju ja joustava mieli pelastavat pilalle menneestä illasta sen mitä pelastettavissa on 🙂

  2. Ina, heh, niinhän sen on. Kukaan ei kuollut, joten mitä sitä turhia murehtimaan 🙂

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