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ten past three


  I hate alarm clocks! With passion. Thus I have not used them almost like never just for their purpose to wake me up. However I keep a clock next to my bed, on the floor, as I roll over at night-time or morning and check what time it is. This clock I have gotten from my son about twenty years go, beaten up as it still is, but working. I assume he did not like the alarm clocks either, the way it looked.
  In May, fourteen years ago, my parents were visiting us. My Father did some light house renovations and my Mother just enjoyed the warmth of the Sun. She moved from room to room as the Sun moved. Great vacation after the winters break in Finland. Unexpectedly on a Thursday we got a phone call from my sister in Finland. Our youngest sister had suddenly collapsed in a restaurant while hanging her coat in the wardrobe. Just like that. Brain dead, they said. No rush for her parents or anyone to try to get to Helsinki as she was not expected to live more than twenty-four hours.
 My parents and all of us were in turmoil. What to do? Phone calls back and forth. My Mother and Father had their return ticket on KLM booked for following Monday. Finnair was gracious to change them for Friday’s flight, Saturday arrival in Finland. My sister was lingering in the hospital. Would they get a change to say good-bye? Would they get there in time? What is happening in our world!
Well, my parents made it to Helsinki on time. They arrived a little after eight a.m. at airport rushed to the hospital before ten in the morning. They got to say their good byes. She must have known it. My Father told later that her heart rhythm suddenly was like a tangled hank of yarn.  She passed on at 10:10 Finnish time.
 My alarm clock which never was set, went crazy! Ringing on my bed side at 3:10 a.m. local time. There is seven hour time zone difference between Finland and US. And I knew then, it was a premonition, a message from my sister. I knew she was gone then.

4 thoughts on “ten past three

  1. Kummitäti ❤ Niin sydäntäsärkevän surullista…

  2. Elina ❤ En voi vieläkään itkemättä ajatella.

  3. Istuin mökillä, kun isä soitti… kyllä on ikävä vieläkin..

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