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The Dress 2/2


The one, who holds the key, can unlock my heart.”

 In August, a beautiful lace dress was found at the local bridal store. Lacy from top to bottom! I Eyelash lace. It looked great on her! Some slight adjustments, a tuck here and a let there was needed. The length was perfect. The gaudy decoration on the front of the dress was not for the Bride, she requested it to be removed. That gave us a $200 discount.

(These pictures are taken before the adjustments.) But she wanted something MORE! Nobody at shop was there to help us, to talk to. An old Italian seamstress was measuring the fitting, but we had hard time understanding what she said. The Bride wanted to have her shoulders covered. The seamstress was against it. Wait, isn’t this the Bride’s DAY? The Bride’s CHOICE? The Brides DREAM?

DSC_4655 blog

Disappointed that her needs were not met she broke into tears at the cash register. The Dress was right but it needed something more! “Did we do something wrong?” the girl asked surprised. The Bride could not say anything through her burst of tears. “Yes, we are not experienced wedding dress shoppers, we needed help. There was no one!”  A sweet black lady was called to rescue, how about a sash? YES! How about this? The Bride was getting an understanding, soft-spoken help. Yes and no. $650 was way too much for it as nice as it was. So we put the deposit down for the dress only, dried the tears in the car and left mostly satisfied. The thoughts were now put towards the missing pieces; the sash, the shoes and the veil.

anri sash blog

Close by us is a covered market place, a Flea Market, if you will. There is a shop that is run by a Russian mother and son, wedding dresses, confirmation dresses, veils, heard pieces, you name it. Yes, they make them also to order! Great, after a long search, the Bride decided on the sash with a single flower with pearls, please-remove-the-diamonds, and long, long belt of silk running as long as the beautiful chapel length of the dress. Later she found a beautiful bolero on-line, (see photo below from the catalogue) with the same lace and she later made her own veil. Shoes were bought, with request to have heels lowered. Easily done, they said. In reality, never done but paid for it. But no money lost, the removed piece of diamonds from the dress was eventually included in the delivered clothing bag!

Tulip Bridal

The total ensemble was stunning on the Wedding Day! Just wait!

2 thoughts on “The Dress 2/2

  1. Taitaa olla jännät paikat, peikolta käpylehmiä kaveriksi 🙂

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