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lautasen tarkoitus


Purpose for a plate: Empty your freezer from time to time. Use frozen berries and or fruit for a cake. I took Korean pears and raisin mix, added very little sugar and some cinnamon. I put the frozen preserve on the bottom of a baking dish, poured over (you can use any of your favorite) cake mix. Here I used only sugar, eggs and flour with a few spoons of boiling water. Added no baking powder. Serve it as is or as upside- down, with whipped cream, ice cream, vanilla sauce or without! Quick and easy and tasty.

_DSC4447 blog

5 thoughts on “lautasen tarkoitus

  1. ai kun herkullisen näköinen lautasellinen, nam, nam….

  2. Ritva, ja helppo tehdä! Syö pois vaan 🙂

  3. Hertzlichen dank, Joerg 🙂

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