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29 sticky

20140324_162206_Richtone(HDR)My good friend, Kiia, has this flower trailing down the wall on her foyer.  It’s called Hoya (Hoya Carnosa),  and hails from Asia and Australia. It seems to bloom quite frequently. It smells good, the flowers are sticky, they ooze sweet mead. One of the reason I like this one so much is that it reminds me of my aunt Helena. Hers covered the entire living room wall as long as I can remember. The flowers are almost unreal, porcelain-like and pretty pink. As a child they looked like real porcelain or like jewelry. My Mother did not have it. She liked soilikki, streps (Streptocarpus), a plant with soft leaves and a great choice of colors. That one grows in Africa mostly. It was easy to propagate and get new starts as hoya needs a long steady care. My Mother also loved African violets.

DO you have this plant? Do you have any memories of it? What plants do you have in your house?