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back from all over


I put my sister on the plane tonight. It has been great three weeks with her, busy, busy, two-day fair here at home, orchid show, and traveling, Mother’s day. Shopping, of course, she needed to be trained by a professional, moi. And talking and talking. The time went way too fast. Be ready for new postings from Marin county, Sonoma, and Napa Valleys, San Francisco; The vineyards, historic cities, and people we met. Yes, there might be a story or two to tell with words and photos. As the internet contact was not always available due the location, I purposely did not try to keep up with blogging. But I missed you guys! In the meantime, here is the Old Faithful of California, in Calistoga.

14 thoughts on “back from all over

  1. S P E C T A C U L A R !!!

  2. Mikä mahtava reissu, kuvia odotellen :)!

  3. Ihanaa laatuaikaa siskon kanssa!

  4. Oi miten upea kuva:)

  5. Napa ja Sonoma! Ja kaikkea muuta. Matkakuvia odotellessa!

  6. Visiitti kuulostaa varsin onnistuneelta, terkkuja teille molemmille.

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