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orchid festival/orkidea festivaalit


An orchid festival with sales was in town, at Planting Fields, beginning the month. There were over twenty vendors, all with flowers fancier than the other. Many were eager to tell about them, the culture and the origin of them. Some vendors spoke only Chinese, so I did not carry a lengthy conversation with them, for a reason you’ll understand, but I did buy a yellow Cattleya from one.  Once it gets into full bloom, it can pose for pictures. Both May birthday girls in family got one of their own, miniature ones to enhance their offices. I spoke longest with Carrie, who travels to Taiwan to get her starting orchid babies there. Taiwan, Mexico and Hawaii are big producers of orchids. She was friendly and offered a lot of information, most which is lost for me already. Sorry. It seems to me that the culturing of these flowers mainly is in hands of wealthy gentlemen, with time and money. Average going rates were $15 to $45, but I saw quite a few over $100 each. Gorgeous beautiful flowers! P.S. I apologize for poor quality of the photos; no, I did not add Vaseline on the lens, it must have been on my eye instead. Time to go back to the doctor. I also wrote the names of them all on the picture, but forgot to save. So here in order of the show 1. 7. and 9.paphiopedilum, 2.cymbidium,  3. and 6. miltoniopsis, 4. , 5. and 10. phalaenopsis and 8. cattleya. The last one  is also phalaenopsis, I believe.

Can you guess the last six ones?

4 thoughts on “orchid festival/orkidea festivaalit

  1. Orkideat on niin ihania! Värikkäitä, yllättäviä, erilaisia, monimuotoisia… Kerrassaan kivaa katseltavaa.

  2. Thanks for going the extra mile to give this beautiful orchid collection to us! Well done! 🙂 Fabio

  3. delimaf, my week end bouquet for all of my followers! Enjoy! And thanks!

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