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at the fair


The yearly spring fair was going on first week-end in May. Yes, I did sign up, again. I had my sister as additional helper, and it was a great way to show local activities on Arts & Crafts Fair. We set the tables with my Hubby’s help.


It was a beautiful sunny day. I sold reasonably well on that Saturday. One of the highlights that day was the lady who previous year had bought some rose cards. We hugged, she looked great and healthy! It was so nice to see her. Photographers stopped by to talk about cameras, photos in general. The positive feed back was a pleasure to hear. A couple of friends stopped by. Kids bought lunch, good company.

2014-05-20 08.08.29

The day is long 10 to 5, so I took a small stroll to see what was offered on the other tables. Nothing really to buy. Spoke with Michael, a great photographer, who shows up at same fairs. I got good information about the canvases and pricing, info I needed now for my future plans. I’ll keep you posted. In one tent a man was selling birdhouses. I was for a lookout for them quite a while. Everything I have seen lately are way too colorful, gaudy even. Low and behold, he had only a couple neutral colored. I bought a soft grey-white one. ” Wait a minute! Aren’t you the lady who sold us the rose cards?” “You bought four roses, because your wife prays for a saint of roses? ” “Yes, except we bought six cards. I framed them and they are on our kitchen wall. She loves them. It’s a miracle she survived the brain operation!” “I saw here today! She looks magnificent! She had color on her cheeks, we hugged!” Later that day I went and bought an other bird house from him. They are just what I have been searching for!



Next day started sunny but windy. There were people, but we were not allowed to set the tent up. Some others even with weights were flying all over. With my cards, the display was not the best, I had to keep them in boxes. It looks so much more colorful having them spread on large 3×6 foot table. I sold some, had great conversation with shoppers. By 2 pm the fire department, which was running the show, told there was heavy rain coming our way. We decided to pack up and call it a day. I have had a fair where the cards were demonstrating their air mail qualities, and was not in the mood to repeat that! Plus next morning we were to fly to San Francisco.

5 thoughts on “at the fair

  1. Kuvailet niin elävästi, että saatoin kuvitella ihmiset, tunnelman ja tuulenpuuskat 🙂

  2. Excellent! Thanks! Fabio

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