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cinco de mayo

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Upon arrival in San Francisco we picked up the car and took off across the Golden Gate Bridge, towards Marin County and Petaluma. We have been here before, loved it and decided to surprise my sister by taking her along. Original plan was to go to Florida, but our old friend there had her house full. We will visit there some other time.

Pride of Madeira flowers.

Pride of Madeira flowers.

Petaluma is know for her old houses. We walked up and down the historic center. Wouldn’t it be a dream to own one of those Victorian homes! We had a lunch there and continued our road towards Sonoma and Napa Valleys.


Old house in Petaluma Historic District

Old house in Petaluma Historic District



Leisurely driving towards Sonoma, we stopped on road side, taking pictures. The day was sunny but not hot. At the fair earlier that week someone had asked photos of old Chevrolets but I did not have them. Wow, on a field sat an old truck. What is it? Chevy, said the Hubby. Are you kidding! Stop, stop, you know me and the rusty things, have to take a picture. I now have a great set to represent to my neighbor. Some luck!



Sonoma has a beautiful town center. The huge square is surrounded by boutiques and art galleries and wine tasting rooms. Little alley ways open up to little plazas. The mood was tranquil, very few people around. It is such a pleasure to travel off season. We were waiting for dinner hour as we had dined there before in a Mexican restaurant. So that’s what we did, had Corona and fajita and paella and what not, after all it was Cinco de Mayo that day!




And now to Napa for two nights.

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