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aah, do you smell it ?



lavender 3

lavender 2

lavender 1

Lavender by the Bay, what a lovely place to visit! Fields and fields of orderly rows of plants in various stages of blooming. Small talk with the gentleman farmer reveals there are about twenty different varieties of lavender out there! Did you even know so many exist? The smell of them lingers, and the beauty of them sets ones mind in peace. I cannot but add one more into my garden. Two of those bundles followed me home. They needed to be divided into two, so four altogether. One found a place at my friend’s Mary Ellen kitchen. The plant to go  home with me was “Folgate”, a hardy early bloomer, great for cooking as well for bouquets and sachet, read the sign. Last winter’s freezing cold was not too kind to one of my old ones. Plus you never can have too many, as they bloom in intervals for a long time. The farm also features a great gift shop dedicated to all-lavender. The place has grown a lot since we first visited its road side stand but has not lost the charm. It is a great point to visit first while slowly driving back home through the vineyards and local wineries. A great day!

P.S. Thank you, Serge, for the pleasant chat and pictures. Thanks for the farmhand who so kindly let me photograph his harvest. Till next time!

4 thoughts on “aah, do you smell it ?

  1. upea, tuollaisessa pakassa olisi kiva käydä

  2. Ihanalta tuoksuu ja hyvältä näyttää.

  3. aimarii, kiva! Siellä pohjoisessa laventeli ei varmasti viihdy samalla lailla. Eikä tarvitsekaan, sinulla on omat ihanat kukat siellä, kurjenoolvet ja suopursut ja…hauskaa juhannusta, ystävä hyvä!

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