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healing hands



A healing hand is carved into soft sandstone by young Native American young man, Delroy Bin. He was sitting under the shady tree on the canyon rim.  I was not planning to get anything, but this little picture inspired me to get it to Staci.


Awhile back I was invited to join a reading by her. There were maybe 13-14 women in my friend’s Christina’s living room. I did not know any of them, but one seemed to remember me from a fair before Holidays. I was surprised. I had brought a tulip canvas to Christina just as a gift. Did I know she is breaking up with her boyfriend? and moving into a new apartment?, and she had nothing to hang on the wall? Did I know, no. Well anyways, I asked to be read early on, did not want to hang with complete strangers too long. I took this as entertainment, however and few hours away from home. So I was the third to enter the private bedroom.

Hi, said Staci. She is blond, forties maybe, maybe younger. She takes my both hands into hers, closes her eyes. Quickly opens them and said, “You have very soft hands!” Like surprised. She closes the eyes again. Quiet for a few minutes. “You have a very light energy.” Is this good or bad, I don’t know, I wait to hear more. “Do you have a lot of sinus head aches?” she asks. No, I don’t, I almost never have head aches. “You worry about some one a lot. ” Yes, I do. “You have to let this person free, let him go his own way. Two karmas are too much for anyone to carry, let him go on  his own way.” I understand. She gives me some advice how to ease the situation. She lays a tarot card on the table. Metal. Second card, water. A beautiful combination, she says. More cards. The stack empties on the table.”This looks beautiful!” She pauses admiring the spread. “You are a very talented person”, she says and after reading all the cards and asks, what do I do. I photograph. Make greeting cards, and sell them on arts and crafts fairs. She sees more success for me. I tell her about the thought to go and visit a store and ask if they would take my cards on assignment. Go! She urges me, now is your time! “Do you do bigger pictures?” Sure, why?  Well, she is opening a REIKI center, a healing place if her own, she could use some pictures on her new walls. Sure, can do! She likes sunflowers, I promise it can be fun to do. I connect with her, she is composed, her presence is calm. Like I know her.

We leave with a promise that she lets me know when she’s ready for decorating. I promise to pursue the business ideas.

Shortly after I got the supplies ready,  visited the store I had in mind and they took 100 cards on assignment for a month, to see how they sell. They gave me other ideas where to go, and a few days later the wine shoppe in town also has some of them for sale. I am invited to come back end of the month to discuss more ideas and subject they think might be good selling  topics. They liked the sea shells, ocean photos, flowers of course, and the architectural photos like doors. When I stopped at my eye doctor on the way home from the wine shoppe, the doctors wife ordered 24 cards! A few days later last week a friend requested 4 to 6 framed rusty cars to her son’s car restoration shop.

If Staci knew all this or if she just gave me a push, I’m a believer of her healing positive powers. Better start looking for those sunflowers!


2 thoughts on “healing hands

  1. Well written and illustrated, my friend! Bravo!!!

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