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stops on the way to THE destination


10.  Gooseneck State Park

A little side tour was in order, Gooseneck! The headwaters of the San Juan River are in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, which is the origin of 90 percent of the river’s flow. The San Juan flows 360 miles from its source to the Colorado River. At , now in the summer, the water level was low. The rock reminded me of clams, twisting in and out of the sight. The views extend for miles! The place was quiet, a few Japanese girls and maybe two, three couples had stopped to take pictures. It was burning hot outside, so our stop was a short one also. The river wiggles around the rock formations like it has done millions of years. I have seen a photo of this taken from a plane, and it is amazing! I was not able to capture it here.

2014 06 11_0901 blog

11. Bluff, Utah

From Gooseneck 25 miles west lies Bluff, Utah. A town of 320 people. We stopped there because they had a Post Office. We do send cards from our travels to family, sometimes friends, but to find a post office, huh, not always easy. Here was one! Across the street was a Fort, replica of days gone by. A gift shop inside offered items a la Wild West, Americana, Cowboy stuff. A lady in shop asked if we wanted to see a short film about how the town was settled. No, thanks, not this time.

2014 06 11_0906 blog

12. Four Corners

Turning South we reached the Four Corner Monument. This is the only place in USA where four states meet. It was marked with a plaque on the ground. The Star-Spangled Banner waived in the wind. The people laid themselves down on the ground, spread their legs and arms and thus were in four states at the same time! Kind of cool!

2014 06 11_0910 blog

2014 06 11_0913 blog

The buildings in back ground are stalls where Native Tribes from each state sell the wares. We had a great conversation with a Kiowa man, who had beautiful marker drawings. They were too specific to area and I did not see a place in my home for them. Too bad kind of, I would have liked to support him.

4 thoughts on “stops on the way to THE destination

  1. Well done, my friend! Fantastic photos and excellent writing! Loved also the new presentation of your blog! Congrats!!! 🙂

  2. hieno matka ja upeat kuvat. Bannerisi on todella kaunis.

  3. Ritva, kiitokset. Matka oli kaikin puolin kiva, kuten aina.

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