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Turning South

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Durango, CO

My eight stories of Four Corners in now at part 15 or so. A couple more to go, stay with me! After checking out of the hotel, we stopped at the market place in town. Just to see what the West has to offer. A lots of Indian ware, old item and a pure junk, as fairs usually have. People were friendly and talkative.2014 06 11_0888 blog2014 06 11_0895 blog 2014 06 11_0894 blog 2014 06 11_0811 blog

Pagosa Springs, CO

We left Durango behind. We could have stayed for another night, there was a lot going on in town. But there was an itinerary to follow and a long drive ahead. A short stop on the way to Santa Fe was taken in drizzly Pagosa Springs. This was the longest stretch we had, and we needed to stretch the legs. But the air was so full of the smell of sulfate,  (the town is famous for mineral springs) that we stayed there only for a half an hour or so. After this the road continued towards south, rather narrow, one or two lanes. Mountains and rolling hills with pine forests. Beautiful scenery! So different from southern Utah’s dry desserts! Would you know, we got a speeding ticket after we passed a truck that was pulling a boat. There were warnings all over the South West of speeding and we followed them religiously. Maybe it would have been smarter just crawl after that truck, who knows for how far. The officer was nice, but yet presented the fine of $126 for speeding. And we were so good, so good on the roads and kept eye on the various speed limits, but, hey, we had to pass that truck. Wonder if it was a planned speed trap there? A little town of  Chama to remember, right at the border of Colorado and New Mexico. Anyways, that meant no dinner that night.

Abiquiu, NM

2014 06 11_0814 blog

2014 06 11_0815 blog
Town is known for the home of Georgia O’Keeffe. Maybe we could stop there and take a tour. Alas, it did not work out. The house is closed on Sundays. The tour should be booked months in advance, told the waitress at the dining room. We enjoyed the lunch there and looked around the gift shop, a lots of Georgia’s books and cards and posters, silver and clothing. Second time I missed seeing her work; in Helsinki my sister and I wanted to visit a gallery with her art but realized at the door, that the show was not to open yet until few days later. And I would have to leave Finland before that, last year. Shucks! Well, after lunch we continued towards Santa Fe.  There we finally had the chance to see her work live at the Museum. Many of paintings are so familiar from  publications and books and magazines! It is always so eerie to me to view such a display, it’s like a small breath of the artist’s spirit hangs in the air and paintings come alive a new way. They touch you and captivate your whole mind!

If you can believe in what you are

and keep to your line

that is the most one can do with life.

-Georgia O’Keeffe

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