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Tofukuji Temple, Kyoto


2014 10 26_3499 blog

The first temple we saw was the oldest and the largest, Tofukuji. (Please look further information on the link.) So, a short train ride from the main station in Kyoto and we were there. The sigh read ◄Tofukuji,  Inari ►, no, we were not lost even through Inari is in Lapland in Northern Finland. This was right place, but which way to go? We pulled a map out and right away a young girl asked what are we looking for. This street there, turn left. Thanks. We experienced this a few times, people offered us help without us asking.  A few steps further a young Austrian couple on the bicycles asked us, what’s there to see in this town. A great Temple, follow us, Tofukuji is 25. on list of 59 sights to see in Kyoto. And it’s no wonder! This Temple highlights great buildings and beautiful woodland gardens. Unfortunately everything was green, no fall foliage yet, and no more azaleas and cherry trees. It was a joy to walk the grounds. The place was quiet, no crowds, we did not see an alter but there must have been at least one. The young couple eventually showed up again and offered to take our picture and we  reciprocated. Enjoy the photos!


6 thoughts on “Tofukuji Temple, Kyoto

  1. So beautiful, dear friend! Thanks so much for the wonderful shots!

  2. Hienoja kuvia ja kauniita mielenkiintoisia rakennuksia ja Japanilaista puutarha maisemaa ! ❤

  3. Raili, kiitos, kaikki oli kaunista ja yksityiskohdista tykkään.

  4. Yes, indeed, wonderful place! Beautiful photos

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