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Nan Lin Garden and Nunnery


 “A classical garden in a modern city. Serenity in the  midst of urban hustle and bustle. Ingenious imitation of nature by man.”

Last day in Hong Kong! The flight would leave late in the evening, where should we aim today? We had to check out at 2 pm, to leave to airport around six. There was time to continue the sightseeing. The Hong Kong map is scattered with green gardens. We asked hotel concierge, Iris, if any of them, close by, would be a great destination for a photo-safari. The close one is not good, soccer fields, nothing special, the others in walking distance not worth a visit either. But go to the Nunnery! Nunnery? We were not familiar with it. Take the subway to Diamond Hill from Jordan Road, it is next to a great shopping center called Festival Walk. (Subways were easily negotiated, once you found the right floor. Octopus card was a  convenient and fast way to travel.) There are beautiful gardens and an old Temple, you would love it! (The altars had the most beautiful statuettes and porcelain vases with the freshest of fruit offerings of all temples we saw during this trip! Too bad that photographing was forbidden.) After the gardens go to the mall, there is an ice skating rink, you can watch little kids skate. Great idea! I can’t highlight enough the wisdom of most concierge services at the hotels, take advantage of it, you see more, you learn more and you can have otherwise great conversations, if there are no lines. Iris knew a Swiss pilot 20 years ago and had nice memories to share with us.

Festival Walk

Not to leave unmentioned that the Festival Walk mall was top upscale with hundreds of stores, several floors, and mirrored ceilings. The place was jamming! We had an expensive coffee break there in an Italian café. Delicious and worth the money, I think, the Hubby does not always understand the value of the atmosphere. Me, the beauty always elevates the soul! As well as a piece of cake.

We had seen eight of the ten recommended sights in Hong Kong in two days. We missed the Great Buddha and the junk boats. I’m sure there is more. Well, we just have to go back another time!

P.S. Tein pienen videon Hong Kongin saaresta, en nyt vaan sitä ladattua. Laitan kun onnistuu. Stay tuned!

14 thoughts on “Nan Lin Garden and Nunnery

  1. Great photos and a wonderful report, my friend! Glad that you had an elegant coffee break with a piece of cake. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Pidän kyllä noista puutarhakuvista, mutta erityisesti ostari-kuvat sävähdyttävät tällä kertaa, upeita muotoja!

  3. susu, kiva, ostari oli upea!

  4. Niin paljon hienoja kuvia ! Tuollaiseen lentokenttä asemalle olis varmaan helppo eksyä, mutta mahtavan näköinen se on ! 🙂

  5. Huikaiseva herkkupala siellä pilvenpiirtäjien kaupungissa tuo temppelipuutarha!

  6. Olet oikeassa Irma ! Joka kulmasta löytyy jotain kaunista kun vain pitää silmät auki ! 🙂

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