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Some things I don’t understand


New Year Clock
New years Eve, and I am home alone.

Nothing to cook, no one to pop champagne with, no one to host. No one to call. Hubby is at work, kids went to visit in-laws. So, where am I on those lonely nights? (There are not too many of them, in general.) On the Facebook. Talking to friends all over the world! The family and old school friends have spread themselves from Helsinki to Lima, from Florida to Malta, from California to Sydney, from Lapland to Kenya. I don’t know anyone in neither Poles. Yet.

I have one friend who truly is a virtual friend, I don’t know her in person. And I really don’t know the friend thru whom she found me. But I know that friend’s sister. WONDERS of the Facebook media! So, we have been friends a quite awhile. I appreciate her common sense and comments and her thumbs-up. She seems to be a great person. So we are friends. While on-line this friend commented that she can not get thru telephone lines to USA. Busy lines, Putin, Obama, what ever the reason. So I jokingly asked her to try my number. Message me, she said. I did, not really expecting more. And she got through! She called!

Laughingly we started the conversation, complained a little about the telephone company. I have problems sometimes calling the other direction. A little talk about the holidays, fire crackers, the town we live in. About ourselves. Can you believe this world with Facebook era! She had tried to get hold of her aunt in the States. I remembered that she had travelled awhile back to visit her. In a town that was just a stone throw away from the town we also visited. Probably not the same time. I don’t dare to check. The conversation went on its own pleasantness, jovially and with endless topics. We had fun! We both took a second off to get and pop that champagne. She mentioned her aunt’s first name, the same as my aunt’s. I imagined an old lady of her 80’s  maybe 90’s. Old. As all aunts are, mine turned 90 in August.

She asked if I possible knew her. Out of thousands of people I have met in my long life, the name did not ring a bell. First. Then suddenly, I KNEW HER. The hair rose on my arms and I shivered. How can it be possible! I knew her! My friend on the phone got shocked. She got tears in her eyes and sobbed. I almost sobbed. This is so unbelievable! Of course she tested me first, but I knew all the key questions and the answers. I have not thought about her for almost 38 years, when Hubby and I visited them in Germany, on the way from Athens.  We stayed overnight with them, my firstborn with me, who was not yet born. We had visited them in New York, where we worked together. We had lunches together! And somewhere down the road we lost contact. Did I like her, my new friend asked. Yes, I did, she was great co-worker, a great hostess, an elegant lady. Unbelievable experience, almost like floating in space looking back at your past. Shivering. Please let her have my contact info, I asked. I begged her for the email address and I sent a message.

We were on the phone over an hour! She is my friend for real now. After hanging up I finished the piccolo brut, still finding this all so unbelievable! There are some things in life I just don’t understand. Karma, stars aligning, serendipity?

I WONDER what else the new year will bring? Surprise me!

16 thoughts on “Some things I don’t understand

  1. Elävää elämää, ihanaa!

  2. Johanna, aina vaan jaksaa yllättää!

  3. It’s a small world, a world full of surprises!

  4. It is a small world after all, susu!

  5. Elämä on ihmeellisiä asioita täynnä.

  6. What a great surprise! And she had no idea who she is calling at? Wow! It’s great to find good people from the past!

  7. Olipa ihana tarina;elämässä tapahtuu:) Wonders really!

  8. Näitä ihmeellisiä asioita tapahtuu aina silloin tällöin , mikä itseasiassa on aivan ymmärtämötäntä ! Kohtaloa vai mitä ? Ympyrä menee umpeen….. ? Ihana elämys sinulle ! 🙂

  9. So beautiful and touching, life’s wonderful surprises.

  10. Ihmeellinen on elämä! Varmasti mukavalta tuntuva tapahtumasarja; mutta onko vain sattumaa vai jotain suurempaa? Itselläni on taipumus joistakin sattumuksista ajatella, että ne ovat ” johdatusta”, että niin piti tapahtua 🙂

  11. Ina, eikös! Uskon myös samaan, näillä täytyy olla joku suurempi päämäärä. Katsotaan ja seurataan. Usein ne johtavat johonkin asiaan liittyvään. Kerron sitten, kun ymmärrän. Hyvää uutta vuotta sinulle!

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