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Last stop Las Vegas


2015 05 28_5812 blog

Everybody knows Las Vegas. Everyone knows about Vegas. Sometimes you might think you are in Paris or Italy. It’s a fantasy town! For us it was the very first time there. The city is not just a city it is a destination, amusement park like Disney World. Everything is like on the stage, sort of surreal. Ladies is tight outfits, looking like movie stars, hunky guys in groups. Limousines. The hum of the town. First night we walked around feeling the place. Lots of people everywhere, walking down the streets,  sitting in the outside restaurants, sitting by hundreds at casino tables in every hotel! I did too. Spend $20 and won $3 and spend that also. People piling up to see the water show at Bellagio. We watched the show and the side shows on the street and continued to have a great Italian meal. Las Vegas is nowadays gourmet capital with famous chefs, but that was not our plan on this trip.

2015 05 28_5815 blog

2015 05 28_5818 blog

2015 05 28_5821 blog

2015 05 28_5795 blog

Late at night we pampered ourselves in a  luxurious suite at Vrada hotel. We stayed the total of two nights. The whole wall was a widow and the night lights were impressive, from the 47th floor! The elevator was faster than walking two flights of stairs.

2015 05 28_5777 blog

2015 05 28_5780 blog

Next morning after the most luscious breakfast with the most pleasant service with most reasonable prices, we aimed to Hoover Dam. One of the sights an American must visit. We got a great advice from the waiter day before, he told where to park to save the $10 fee. On the return we stopped in an old sleepy town, and enjoyed ice cream cone.

Hoover Dam

We had reserved tickets that the night for show  “Zarkana” by Cirque du Soleil . It was uber- fantastic and uber- acrobatic! We were not in the mood however to stay there additional days, and changed our late evening flight to an afternoon flight next day, since the airline already made a schedule change from 8 pm to 10 pm. So we booked the 2:30 pm. Arriving at the airport  that flight was delayed, so we asked to be moved to an earlier one, which at that point was delayed also due to the weather in the East. So far, so good, except that flight eventually was also delayed and we got home at midnight. Travel can be FUN!

2015 05 28_5794 blog

6 thoughts on “Last stop Las Vegas

  1. Excellent report on Vegas! Great that you stopped at the dam as well. Vegas is a surreal town, where there is much to be seen and enjoyed. Thanks much, my friend! 🙂

  2. Fabio, brought up some memories? Happy you enjoyed the report, thanks.

  3. Mukava kertomus noista ameriikan ikoneista. Las Vegas on varmasti kasvanut hurjasti sitten visiittini siellä. Muistikuvissa välkkyvät vieläkin valot ja sama meno taitaa jatkua 🙂 Kotio on aina kiva palata, meni myöhään tai ei 🙂

    • lepis, aikansa kutakin 🙂 Ehkä jos emme olisi olleet niin luonnonhelmoissa koko viikkoa, säihke ja meno olisi ollut hyväksikin. Täytyy käydä uudelleen tiukan ohjelman kanssa.

  4. Hienot elämykset teillä ! Niistä muistelmista voitte vielä kauan nautiskella…. 🙂

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