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ode to pottery


2015 06 21_8138 blog

We had made plans to visit a glass blowing hut in the country side. While shuffling thru the guide book on the night stand, an other interesting place popped up: Sunset Canyon Pottery in Dripping Springs. There! I have not seen pottery I don’t like. (Well, yes I have, but not here!) It felt like the studio was far away from towns and cities, quietly sitting almost hidden on the road side, shaded with big trees. Actually is was maybe not more than 25 miles from Austin, Texas.

Friendly welcome from you gentleman made us eased to linger and admire the ware. The show room was full of colorful pottery,  clearly made by different craftsman yet all in mellow color scheme together. Shelves were bursting with plates, pitchers, cups, all things I could not live without. My husband knew we were in trouble!  Just a month ago I could not resist a beautiful pie plate in Zion, NM. It went so well together with the plate from St Thomas. You see the pattern here? I was sure one of these pottery items were going with us to New York. While I was admiring and contemplating my purchase, Hubby carried a conversation with the young man from Alaska and they compared their experiences of the midnight sun in Alaska and Finland. (Pottery dinnerware by Sunset Canyon potters.)

2015 06 21_8135 blog

2015 06 21_8134 blog

The show room had a window into the studio where four people were deep at work. Lady on potter’s wheel opened the door and invited us in. Really? Can we really? Sure, come on in! She was the owner Bridget Hauser who ran the studio with her husband William, a successful business for some years. While talking with her maybe 4-5 bowl were born in her fast fingers. The shelves were full of vessels and pots ready to move. The company offers art classes and their ware is shipped all around the world. We got the visit the kilns and learned facts about them. We saw the pottery which is now very popular in bistros and eateries, plainer and more earthy, rough with softer colors. ( The sugar bowl and creamer of that series came home with us among some other items.) Bridget was very proud of her students work and we admired some of them also. She clearly loves the work she does!

2015 06 21_8131 blog

birth a a bowlI am not a big spender but love to take something local home with me, and even better if I had met the person who created it. It brings a piece of the place home with me. Besides the tour and friendly conversation, we got great advice of the sights in Austin and warning about the fallen bridge that was swept away by a flash flood just a day before. We continued leisurely to the Glass Studio. Thank you!

2015 06 21_8137 blog

(Pottery by Bridget Hauser.)

9 thoughts on “ode to pottery

  1. Beautiful vases! And I really like the blue dishes and lamps. Very nice color. Lucky you!

  2. So beautiful, my friend! 🙂

  3. upeita maljakoita, pidän kaikesta tälläisestä, mutta olen lopettanut niiden oston. Tila loppuu missä niitä säilytää, mutta on niitä ihana katsella

  4. Ritva, tilanpuute on varmasti meillä jokaisella, normaali huushollissa asuvilla. Kädentöitä on kuitenkin aina ihana katsella.

  5. Näyttääkin ihan Suomalaisilta savitöiltä ne siniset ja harmahtavat savityöt , ovat kauniita ! Taitava nuorimies ! 🙂

  6. Raili tämänkaltaiset savityöt ovat yleismaailmalliset. Samantyyppisiä perusastioita löytyy todella paljon. Bridgit Hauserin työt olivat uniikkitöitä ja yksityiskohdin koristeltuja. Ne maksoivatkin sitten paljon.

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