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The Cloisters Museum and Gardens

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John D. Rockefeller Jr. provided for the building and the acquisition of George Grey Barnard Collection. Barnard traveled extensively in France where he purchased medieval sculpture and architectural elements from descendants of citizens who had appropriated objects abandoned during French revolution. The architect Charles Collens incorporated these elements into The Cloisters. It opened to public 1938. (from the museum’s map.) This was the very first time I visited there. I somehow always assumed it has been an old cloister or monastery but was wrong. The items are mostly from 1200-1400 some even older. There are two chapels and several rooms full of beautiful articrafts. Other rooms on two levels house tapestries, frescoes, sculptures, stained glass windows, silver, ivory, manuscripts with most beautiful script and illuminated pictures.The building sits on the hill side overlooking the Hudson River. It is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum in the city, in Manhattan NY. If you have a full day while here both museums can be visited with the same ticket. Outside gardens can be enjoyed with rare fruit trees and multitude of herbs. P.S. The hot chocolate in the cafe was worth it’s high price.

DSC_3889 blog DSC_3902 blogbrig wallCuxa Cloister and Garden.

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