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place cards and favors for the wedding

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 “The one , who holds the key, can unlock my heart.”

I started to post about the  wedding of my daughter. Over four years ago! I’m so far behind, sorry. However the topic is always fresh and I wanted to share some ideas we had.

As a party favors my daughter had decided to give out keys that also were handy as bottle openers. She loves and collects keys. The items were ordered. The keys were bronze, great for her party theme. But the key rings that came along were chrome. Weird.  So what to do; we sprayed them bronze with rust-oleum! In the box were little short ribbon, same color as bridesmaid’s attire as a bonus.

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place cards

While repairing the keys  Mother -in-Love called. She was shopping with her friend and just saw beautiful Godiva chocolate boxes! The ribbon color was the same as the Bridesmaid’s dresses. It was embellished with pearl like the Bride’s sash. Can she purchase them for the wedding? Of course, we wanted her to be as excited about the event as we were.

But were we to do with the keys now? And almost the same minute the idea hit, let’s make them to place cards! That worked well since the wedding was outside, so 1. No flying place cards in the wind and 2. Our family loves travel! We created a board for hotel room keys! Name tags were attached to the ribbons and the oval labels were ordered from Gartner #86224 and printed at home. We bought picture frame from arts and crafts store, painted it with the same bronze paint. We badded the cardboard and covered it with white linen. Got furniture nails from hardware store to hung the keys. Voila! The place cards were done!

place cards

place cards

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The board was sitting pretty on an easel and was easily read. Everybody loved the idea, especially the wedding co-coordinator, who did not have to run all over the lawn fetching the cards blown away with the breeze! Mission accomplished.

place cards

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